February 2014
    19th February 2014
  • Calling All Jog Derbyshire Jog Leaders

    What do you know about The Derbyshire Dynamos?

    Did you know?

    • Derbyshire Dynamos was set up in 2011 by fellow Jog Derbyshire Leaders and is run by Jog Derbyshire Leaders

    • It is a fully affiliated UKA running club offering all the benefits of a ‘regular’ running club but without the hassle, intimidation and pressure of attending club nights.

    Your joggers still jog with your groups, but have the extra assurance of being a member of an affiliated club.

    • As a Dynamo, members receive discounts on race & event entries, extra insurance when training & participating in races, and even discounts at selected local retailers & services.

    • The Dynamos work together with Jog Derbyshire to promote Jogging in the Derbyshire area, and even contributes to the Jog Derbyshire project, via its membership fees. Enabling the project to continue and develop more jog clubs and provide subsidised leader training courses.

    We understand that many of your joggers might not be ready for participating in events or races yet, but having the option to, and receive discounts can be a great way to motivate your joggers to enter the 3 or 5k events.

    But also, you may have joggers, who already participate in two or three events throughout the year, our £20 annual fee is easily offset against anything bought/races entered.

    Sound good?

    So why aren’t you a member?!

    A special promotion just for Jog Derbyshire Leaders has been launched for March 2014 only.

    Refer 3 or more of your Jog Derbyshire members to the Dynamos and the main Jog Leader for the group will receive FREE membership for 2014.


    The new members must not be renewals, sorry brand new customers only!

    The new member must be a fully paid member.

    If there are more than one Jog Leaders at your club, then you must decide who receives the membership, but the other leaders can also benefit from FREE Membership just by referring 3 new members too.

    Contact us directly for more information.

    Posted by: joy
    10th December 2013
  • It is with great pleasure that we announce the Dynamos runner for The Virgin London Marathon 2015. Congratulations to Steve Thomas, Steve's name was successfully pulled from the hat for this years Dynamos entrant.

    Posted by: joy
    21st October 2013
  • UK Athletics have announced they have issued a revised National Disciplinary Procedure and Grievance Procedure

    In the first instance all disciplinary/grievance reports are resolved at Club level, matters should only be directed to England Athletics Welfare (National Level) once a club has exhausted all attempts to reach a resolution at Club level.

    In addition to these revised policies, there is the newly revised Welfare Policy (2009) from UKA. The policy is now viewed as two separate documents that address the following areas:

    • 1. Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy (2013)
    • 2. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy (2013)

    Online copies available here