Membership of the Dynamos is now open to all runners regardless of whether they are already signed up to a Jog Derbyshire group.

  • As a member of Derbyshire Dynamos, you will receive:

    • Cheaper entry to most running events
    • England Athletics Competition licence including insurance
    • More ClubJog events throughout Derbyshire
    • More social events
    • Access to discounted Dynamos member only kit
    • Special offers with local businesses and stores
    • £5 voucher for specialist retailer Sweatshop with a further 10% discount on subsequent purchases. Click here to register.
    • Reduced coaching course fees from England Athletics

    We think membership is good value for money - you would recoup your membership fee simply by e.g. entering 8 races as an 'affiliated' club runner (in a year) or entering 3 races and saving 10% on a new pair of running shoe (with your 10% club discount). It's only the price of a couple of decent bottles of wine, or two tickets to the cinema!

  • FEES
  • A subscription fee for one year's membership of Jog Derbyshire Dynamos (from April to March) is paid annually.

    • Renewal or memberships to cover from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 - £13.00

    The fee covers the cost of club membership for the 2016/17 season. All the money goes directly to England Athletics for your affiliation (which includes athlete registration and an annual competition license, providing discounted entry to races and typically a 10% discount at specialist running shops such as Derby Runner, Up and Running and Sweatshop).


    1. Complete a membership form and print it out.

    2. Return the completed application together with your cheque payment to: Darren Ward, Eckington Swimming Pool Gosber Street, Eckington,Sheffield, S21 4DA.

    3. Please make your cheque payable to Jog Derbyshire Dynamos. (In order to confirm receipt of your payment and your application, please ensure that you have provided us with a current, valid, email address).


    1. Complete a membership form and then e-mail it to

    2. If you have a discount code, enter it here:

    3. Click 'Subscribe' below to pay by Paypal.
    4. Annual Derbyshire
      Dynamos Membership

    Once we have processed your membership form and received payment, your details will be sent to England Athletics to process your affiliation.

    If you want any more information about joining the Dynamos, please don't hesitate to send a message to

    Please note - The committee will not accept applications for *First Claim membership of Derbyshire Dynamos from any individual who is already a member of another Derbyshire-based running or athletics club. (Individuals who are first-claim members of other clubs and an active member of a Jog Derbyshire group are welcome to join the Derbyshire Dynamos on a second-claim basis and take part in club and social events). There is no charge for second-claim membership).

    Those of you who are based in our Clowne/Barlborough and Ripley jog groups and who may wish to progress on to membership of a running club are asked to consider their local running club first, rather than the Dynamos. Clowne Road Runners and Ripley Running Club have been hugely supportive of our programme since its inception, encouraging some of their members to do the leader training in order to set up local Jog Derbyshire groups for novice joggers/runners. Clowne RR and Ripley RC would provide a warm welcome any Jog Derbyshire group member who's keen to take the next step and become a club member. Joggers from our Ripley and Clowne/Barlborough groups joining these clubs would then be more than welcome to join Derbyshire Dynamos on a second claim basis.

    *First Claim membership - If you are already a member of another athletics club then that is your first-claim club. If you subsequently join a second club, that is your second-claim club.

    Only First Claim members of the Jog Derbyshire Dynamos can qualify for points/places in any internal club competitions or may compete in open competitions on behalf of the Dynamos (unless by prior agreement of the management of both first and second claim clubs and the event organisers).